PlanePlotter mobile for Android

PlanePlotter mobile provides a live virtual radar display of aircraft for Android 4+ mobile devices

EUR 8 + tax in-app purchase


Virtual radar display of plane positions around the world


Full plane message information from COAA PlanePlotter server


Identify overhead planes by pointing your device's camera at them


Aircraft message information cross-referenced with local and web resources


Access a gallery of plane photos from a variety of web sources


Save and restore your favourite world locations

Take PlanePlotter with you wherever you go

PlanePlotter mobile gives you access to the global coverage of COAA's PlanePlotter sharing server on your Android device

Supplement COAA's PlanePlotter server information with your personal BaseStation and FlightRoute databases

Transform your mobile device into a virtual radar display, with aircraft positions updated in real time

Existing Master Users (MUs) may view positionless aircraft (e.g. military, private) with their PP MU licence

Sort aircraft entries by aircraft type, flight number, ICAO, etc.

Use the Augmented Reality feature to identify overhead planes

Browse image galleries of planes from vast online databases

No annual or monthly service fees – one-time licence fee of $9 USD + VAT in-app payment

Personalize your experience

PlanePlotter mobile enables you to tailor behaviour and appearance

Use your own BaseStation and FlightRoute databases to highlight aircraft of interest

Customize plane marker colour and style

Mlat plane marker highlight colour (for Master Users)

Select plane label information (Flight, Reg, ICAO, etc.)

Features Nic Storey's excellent PlaneSymbols v3 marker set

Select from a range of map types and multiple map overlays:

  • Wind
  • Pressure
  • Airspace
  • Airports


Before downloading, please note:

  • PPm costs EUR 8 + VAT in-app purchase
  • PPm licences are sold on a per-device basis
  • PPm requires Android 4+
  • PPm will not work on Chrome, BlackBerry or Kindle devices
  • PPm will not work with ARC Welder

PPm v1.2.8 released 2024-04-29 – changes

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